Air Conditioning Diagnostics for Worldwide Supplier of Scroll Compressors
This project involves a precision analog circuit design to monitor the various parameters required by the algorithms in a Microchip microcontroller.

Magnetic Shuttle Valve Switch
A Hall Effect sensor monitors the position of a shuttle valve and turns a pump on or off depending on the position. This device uses a Microchip PIC10F200 microcontroller.

Septic Tank Aeration System Monitor and Modem Dial Out
This device monitors the aeration motor current and dials out on a shared phone line to report faults. Uses the Silicon Labs microcontroller and modem chipset.

Residential Water Filtration Monitor
The device monitors water flow and alerts the user when to change filters. Uses a Microchip microcontroller.

Percent Rejection Water Purity Monitor for RO Filtration Systems
This device monitors the TDS of the feed water and the permeate to determine the ability of the RO filter to reject salts and alerts the end user when the filter is fouled and needs replaced. The device uses a Microchip microcontroller. This device operates on a lithium coin cell battery.

Email Utility
A device that is plugged into a residential power socket sends an email when power goes out and a second email when power returns. Logic is present to allow the device to register itself with a central server with a press of a button. The device uses ni-cad batteries that are recharged when power returns. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

           Email Utility - Back                     Email Utility - Front 


TDS Water Quality Monitor
Developed a device to monitor the quality of water to alert the user to change filters. This product uses a lithium cell coin battery. Uses the Microchip microcontroller

Coin Actuated Game
This device responds to a quarter being placed in a coin slot. Ten lights in a circle act like a roulette wheel, providing a random place to stop.