Water Purity Monitor and Email Utility
This product sends an email via a Cermetek iModem with water quality information in a Reverse Osmosis / Deionization system and alerts the user when the resin tanks need exchanged. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

Air Conditioning Diagnostics for Worldwide Supplier of Scroll Compressors
This project involves a precision analog circuit design to monitor the various parameters required by the algorithms in a Microchip microcontroller.

Magnetic Shuttle Valve Switch
A Hall Effect sensor monitors the position of a shuttle valve and turns a pump on or off depending on the position. This device uses a Microchip PIC10F200 microcontroller.

Temperature Control for Hot Melt Adhesives
Two channel temperature control and special system level logic to control the dispensing of a liquid hot melt material. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

Temperature Control - Front                 Temperature Control - Back

Mig Weld Monitor II
A data acquisition design to monitor the key operating parameters of a Mig welding operation in an industrial setting. This is a follow on to the original Mig Weld monitor. This design is based on the Motorola ColdFire processor. The functionality was expanded to include 32 additional digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, 3 RS-232 ports, and several analog inputs and outputs.

Mig Weld Monitor

Mig Weld Monitor
A data acquisition design to monitor the key operating parameters of a Mig welding operation in an industrial setting. The customer selected the Rabbit Semiconductor core board.

Compressor Air Water Monitor
Design monitors the water level in a condensation tank, and triggers a solenoid to empty the tank. This device is battery operated. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

Ultra Filtration Monitor and Diagnostic
Monitors the permeate flow rate and advises the user when the filter needs to be placed in a clean cycle and then when the filter is clean and can be placed back into service. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

Reverse Osmosis Water Purity Monitor

TDS Water Quality Monitor
Developed a device to monitor the quality of water to alert the user to change filters. This product uses a lithium cell coin battery. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

Oil Separation Control System
Provides all of the logic for diagnosing tank levels and controlling pumps from an attractive and usable operator interface. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

Outdoor Tank Heater Diagnostic
This product monitors the current draw of multiple band heaters (usually 5) on large outdoor storage tanks. When one heater band is no longer drawing current, the device senses the drop in current, and sends an alarm. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.

Golf Club Analyzer
Developed a product that is used by golf club makers to provide a matched set of clubs by measuring the resonant frequency of the club in a clamped fixture. The device uses piezo film as the sensor. Uses the Microchip microcontroller.